Working on yourself requires commitment, time, and patience. Wherever you are on your journey, I have so much respect for your desire to show up for yourself and people you love and work though your pain. And I hope that, very soon, you will realize that, from day one, you were perfect just the way you are..

NOTE: Virtual sessions are still available. We can meet virtually or in person – whichever you are most comfortable with.

Individual Therapy:

In our sessions, I will support your innate wisdom and get you to become curious about yourself. We will explore parts of your journey/psyche that have felt shamed, scared, abused, confused, and silenced and we will offer these parts lots of love and understanding, so you can feel clarity, relief, and congruence.
I work in a gentle, honest, intuitive and creative way, and I am comfortable with range of emotions and experiences including grief, anger, childhood abuse and psychosocial trauma (including war), post-immigration experiences, relationship difficulties, self-actualization, and self-esteem issues. My practice is trans, queer, fat and sex worker affirming, and I welcome those who want to explore their sexuality, gender identity, and alternative relationship styles.

Relationship Therapy:

I support folks who want to learn how to understand each other better, deepen emotional intimacy and increase sense of safety, use conflict to strengthen the relationship, recognize the differences in the ways they connect, and talk openly about sexual challenges they may experience. My goal is to help people see each other better, increase the capacity to be empathic, set boundaries and build stronger relationships overall.

Trauma Therapy:

I am Somatic Experiencing practitioner and I work with folks who experienced trauma in their lives. I pay attention to your story, but also to the subtle ways in which you convey it. In other words, I listen to what you are sharing, but I also notice how your body and nervous system work, in order to help you contain and release feelings that have been stuck in your body as a result of trauma you experienced. I provide you with tools that will help you cope when you feel reactive, overwhelmed or shut down, as well as with the frameworks to help you better understand the impact of trauma on our bodies, brains and souls.

Sex Therapy:

Our sexuality is a powerful force within our psyches, connected not only to the sex and intimacy, but also to our sense of self, creativity, and self-expression. I provide a safe space for folks who need support in exploring their sexual preferences, sexual orientation, gender identity, kinks, folks who would want to enjoy sex more and may experience body image issues, shame or anxiety, low sexual desire and/or desire discrepancy in their relationships. My practice is trans, fat, queer and sex-worker affirming.

Organizational Work:

I love to talk about trauma, peer-based strategies for crisis intervention and suicide prevention, domestic violence, and much more.
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Things to note

My Pricing & Policy

My fee is $165 (HST included) for a 50 min Individual/Couple session. Please note that this fee is subject to incremental annual increases.

Please make sure to check if your extended benefits plan covers RP’s.

Payment can be made by etransfer, cash or personal check and is due after each session. Receipts for insurance and personal tax reasons can be sent by email. I require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of appointment change or cancellation. The full session fee will be billed for missed or cancelled appointments without 24 hours’ advance notice. I allow for one missed appointment per year in case of an emergency, and you won’t be billed for that session.

Rather than going from where we are to where we want to be, we need to remember to be where we are, here, now. We don ‘t need to go anywhere else or do anything else. We don’t need to go from here to there. We need to return from there to here.
~ Cheri Huber