I’m Ivana, thank you for being here

Ivana Kolakovic

MA, Registered Psychotherapist (she/her)

Gestalt Institute of Toronto
(5-year Training Program)

Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training 
(PSE Practitioner)

Intensive Sex Therapy, University of Guelph

Fundamental Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Toronto Institute for Psychoanalysis

Embodied Experiential Dreamwork Certification Program with Leslie Ellis

This Is Me

I Am a Registered Psychotherapist & Somatic Practitioner

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and trauma practitioner. I am deeply passionate about supporting you in your process of sitting with and naming all that is painful and scary within you and around you. Moreover, I am passionate about seeing you step into your own power and resilience and beauty.

I completed 5-year Psychotherapy training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, 3-year Somatic Experiencing training for trauma resolution (Montreal), and I hold a MA in Women’s and Gender Studies (Carleton University, Ottawa).

I work from a humanistic, embodied and evidence-based framework and have additional trainings in CBT therapy, sex therapy, psychoanalytic theory and peer-based crisis response/suicide care strategies. For several years, I worked as a supervisor at the Distress Centre of Greater Toronto and have rich experience in frontline crisis work, supporting folks who struggle with suicidal ideation/attempts, self-harm, substance use and isolation, that are the direct result of marginalization, poverty and/or abuse they experienced at some point in their lives.

I was born and raised in Kraljevo, Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I was exposed to different forms of violence and to the abundance of love and creativity and care. This is where I learned a lot about the persistence of beauty amidst suffering, as well as the preciousness and complexity of every human life.

Pozivam za svedoka vrijeme, početak i svršetak svega
– da je svaki čovijek uvek na gubitku.

– Meša Selimović

This is my office… Welcome!

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Despite our fears of falling, the gifts of the world stand by to catch us.
- Robin Wall Kimmerer